10 Ways to Prepare Your Kids for Piano Lessons

piano lessons for kids

Prepare Your Children for Piano Lessons

You might find yourself wondering, “How do I prepare my child for piano lessons?” Well, wonder no more! We’ve put together a list of the best ways to prep your child for piano lessons.

Sit Them Down With the Piano at Least Once Every Day

You can also have them perform scales, exercises, or other songs daily to get their fingers warmed up for when they start piano lessons. This would be easier if you rented a piano for your kid to play at home. If you reside in Ontario or Palm Desert, CA, you can rent a piano for your kid from us at Piano Rentals.

Engage Them With Coordination Exercises

Have them spend time each day doing coordination activities like coloring, drawing, puzzles, or simple math problems involving hands and fingers. These are ideal for developing the fine motor skills used in playing the piano without any pressure of actually playing an instrument yet.

Ensure Your Kid Gets Adequate Rest

Make sure that your child is well-rested before starting their first piano lesson each week so that they can give their best effort during practice sessions.

Make Piano Practice Fun for Your Kid

Play tunes on the piano often while having your child sing along, dance, or even do simple movements with their hands. You can employ these fun tactics to help your kids learn the songs they’ll be learning in lessons.

Learning Through Observation

Let your child observe other children who are learning to play. If your child makes music with other kids, encourage them to bring those friends to your home for a family performance. You can also arrange for a friend’s child who is taking lessons to come over and play for your child. For the residents of Ontario and Palm Desert, CA, you can schedule to rent a piano from us at Piano Rentals to facilitate home practices for your kid and their friend.

Using Visual Aids for Faster Learning

Try using flashcards or other visual aids to help your child memorize the finger numbers on the white keys, break up the keyboard into chunks for them (like 3-note groups), and teach them about sharps and flats.

Learning Using Online Resources

Have your child learn the piano basics through online resources before taking lessons. This would help your child gain a further understanding of how to play the piano.

Finding Ways to Feed Your Kid’s Imagination on Piano Playing

You should encourage your kid’s imagination by taking them to piano music concerts, playing a song from their favorite movie on the piano, singing along with a favorite song on a CD or TV, etc.

Parents Learning Basic Piano and Music Terminologies

As a parent, you should learn about music theory and anatomy so you can ask questions when you don’t understand what’s going on in your child’s lessons. This keeps you engaged with piano learning for your kids and keeps them motivated.