How Much Should I Spend on a Piano?

How Much Should I Spend on a Piano? When you decide to learn the piano, there are several considerations to think about (mostly the piano prices!). One of the most pressing for some families and individuals is how much money to invest in the instrument. The adage that you get what you pay for is… Read more »

The Clavinova – Teach Yourself the Basics of a Digital Piano

Yamaha Clavinova

If you’ve ever wanted to learn to play the piano but were uneasy about selecting a teacher or committing to regularly scheduled lessons, you no longer have to be concerned about either of those things. With the Yamaha Clavinova CSP series and a Tablet, it’s possible to teach yourself how to play the piano at… Read more »

Why Short Term Piano Rentals Are The Way To Go

Short Term Piano Rentals

So you’d like to learn the piano but don’t want to pay what it costs to own one? Maybe you already play but no longer have room for a grand or even an acoustic upright. No worries. has you covered. With our large inventory of rental pianos, ranging from grands and baby grands, to… Read more »

Is an Electric Piano & Digital Keyboard the Same Thing?

Is an Electric Piano & Digital Keyboard the Same Thing?

Is an Electronic Keyboard the Same As a Digital Piano? has served piano enthusiasts in Southern California, Coachella and the Inland Empire since 1991. We have many satisfied customers who recognize if they want to purchase or rent a piano from a trusted dealer that also is a wonderful resource for piano teachers, they… Read more »

Kawai Piano Rental – Is It Better Than Buying One?

Kawai Piano Rental

The piano remains one of the most popular instruments of all time. Through the ages, parents have chosen the piano as the gateway for their children to learn to play music. There are several major brands that have stood the test of time and Kawai is a brand to be reckoned with within the industry…. Read more »

Top Mistakes People Make When Buying a Piano

There are many things to consider when deciding if buying a piano is worth it. The first major consideration is price, of course. Owning a piano can go up into six figures or can cost as low as $20,000. The total upfront cost will be impacted by the brand you choose, whether you want an… Read more »

How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Piano Monthly?

Monthly Piano Rentals From SoCal Pianos

Pianos are among the most popular musical instruments that people learn to play. Many parents want their children to learn for reasons other than being grounded in music. Benefits to brain development, hand-eye coordination development and increased dexterity are just a few of the positive outcomes to learning the piano. Learning the piano can also… Read more »

What’s a Mini Grand Piano?

What’s a Mini Grand Piano?

Whether they play or not, most people will tell you the grand piano is the top-of-the-line choice when it comes to choosing among the best among the various types of pianos. Grand pianos have a reputation for producing a rich, robust sound. Among classical pianists, grand pianos are the instruments typically seen played with great… Read more »

Should You Rent a Steinway Piano or Yamaha Piano?

Steinway Rentals And Yamaha Rentals

Learning to play the piano has many benefits for the student, whether a child or adult. Your memory skills are improved, brain speed and stress and anxiety may be decreased. In addition, your focus and concentration are sharpened, and your confidence and self-esteem are increased. Sadly though, many families can’t afford the high upfront cost… Read more »

Why Piano Rentals in LA are Becoming More Popular

Why People of Los Angeles Are Turning to Piano Rentals Instead of Piano Purchases

For generations, a piano in the living room of the family home indicated mobility and success as much as the owners’ probable love for music. Still today, when staging a home to sell, realtors will often include a piano in the mix to give the home a classy feel. With the price of traditional acoustic… Read more »