How To Choose Between Drawing Or Playing The Piano?

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Here at SoCal Pianos, we get all sorts of interesting questions. We enjoy answering them all, so here’s a good one to ponder: how do I choose between drawing (or painting, sketching, etc.) or playing the piano? Well, our first response would be that you can do both! Both require some dexterity with your hands,… Read more »

Which Piano Should I Buy?

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Making the initial decision to buy a piano is great, but this triggers plenty of other questions which must be answered. Should I buy digital or acoustic? What brand/model should I buy? New or used? These are all great questions and your friends here at SoCal Pianos are happy to provide you with answers and… Read more »

How To Learn Piano With No Access To A Piano?

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So, you or a loved one wants to learn how to play the piano? Awesome, on behalf of all of us here at SoCal Pianos, we want to congratulate you on a great decision and welcome you in advance to the fraternity of piano players everywhere. But, hold on you say? You don’t own a… Read more »

Is Learning The Piano An Expensive Hobby In The US?

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Everyone needs a hobby or two, right? The choices are endless and there seems to be something for everyone: reading, cooking, golfing, swimming, biking, sewing, etc… the list goes on and on. However, one hobby in particular is very near and dear to our hearts here at SoCal Pianos: piano playing! Tickling the ebony and… Read more »

How To Persuade My Parents To Buy Me A Piano?

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Playing the piano is a timeless experience and will give players and their families years of musical enjoyment. But learning to play takes some time and a lot of commitment. As an investment in a piano is not inexpensive, deciding whether to make that commitment can take some time, too. So, if your youngster is… Read more »

3 Pieces of Advice on Your Child’s First Piano

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You need a lot of information when trying to decide what piano is right for you. And you need even more information still if you are considering purchasing a piano for one of your children. So, unless you are a piano expert or experienced player yourself, you will likely need some good advice before settling… Read more »

How Much Does a Baby Grand Piano Cost?

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There is simply no other way to say it: the cost of a baby grand piano can be staggering. Now, it is not our intention of scaring you away from purchasing a baby grand piano. It is a wonderful instrument designed to give players and their families years and years of musical enjoyment and entertainment…. Read more »

Best Grand Pianos For Your Family 2020

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If you have decided you want to make an investment in a grand piano, you probably have some serious questions that require equally serious answers. The good news is that your friends at SoCal Piano have been answering these questions and helping our customers since 1991. We certainly can help you make the correct grand… Read more »

How To Choose The Right Piano

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If you have decided to purchase a piano, your friends at SoCal Pianos say this: congratulations! We are confident this decision will lead you down a road of enjoyment and musical fulfillment. We also say this: choosing the right piano purchases is critical to paving that road. As this can be troublesome, we want to… Read more »

Why Do Pianos Have Black And White Keys?

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We sometimes get caught up in a world of absolutes, where everything is either right or wrong, black or white. The truth is, though, that much of the world is somewhere in between … a shade of gray. Of course, there are plenty of exceptions and one of those happens to be something SoCal Pianos… Read more »