What Is The Best Electric Piano For Traveling?

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As the pandemic slowly loosens its grip, more and more people are thinking about traveling. For many of our customers at SoCal Pianos in Ontario and Palm Desert, CA (appointment only at both locations) that means they are wondering about the best choice for a travel piano. Clearly, what we are talking about here is… Read more »

Which Is The Best Yamaha Piano For Beginners?

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It’s a conundrum that many parents will face: A child wants to play the piano, but there’s no guarantee it will last. A year from now he or she might have decided to ditch the piano to become the next great skateboarder. It’s why many parents don’t want to invest thousands of dollars in a… Read more »

How Long Does It Take To Build A Steinway Grand Piano?


If you paid attention in history class, you likely know Henry Ford is given credit for revolutionizing the manufacturing process with the assembly line. This allowed Ford to manufacture the Model T in great numbers AND made them affordable for the middle class. Until then, only the rich were able to afford the so-called horseless… Read more »

Should I Rent Or Buy An Instrument?

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If you have children, you know their interests and passions can change in a hurry. One year they are begging for sports equipment while dreaming of college scholarships and pro careers. A year or two later their passion is astronomy, and they ask you to buy them an expensive new telescope. That lasts until they… Read more »

What Are Some Tips For Choosing An Instrument?


No matter what musical instrument you or a member of your family is considering playing and/or buying, it’s always a good idea to have a plan. And a good way to build a solid plan is to gather a little bit of advice from folks who specialize in helping customers choose an instrument wisely. In… Read more »

Do I Need A Piano At Home To Take Piano Lessons?

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Trying before buying is sound logic. We can use this approach for a host of situations, including test driving cars, for instance. Another great example of the try before you buy philosophy is in the world of pianos. Primarily because purchasing a new piano is an investment not to be taken lightly, renting a piano… Read more »

How To Learn Piano With No Access To A Piano?

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So, what is the one thing you would guess is essential to learning how to play the piano? Of course, the answer is having a piano to play on, right? The best scenario is if you own your own piano, but even if you don’t, you can still learn how to play. The best alternative… Read more »

What Should Grandparents Buy For Their First Grandchild?

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The bond between grandparents and their grandchildren is a special one. Memories are made from family dinners, vacations, holidays and birthdays. Priceless experiences can also be enjoyed by sharing a seat at the piano. A grandparent/grandchild duet can bring such happiness and a sense of togetherness. Pianos are often family heirlooms and are passed from… Read more »

How To Choose Between Drawing Or Playing The Piano?

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Here at SoCal Pianos, we get all sorts of interesting questions. We enjoy answering them all, so here’s a good one to ponder: how do I choose between drawing (or painting, sketching, etc.) or playing the piano? Well, our first response would be that you can do both! Both require some dexterity with your hands,… Read more »

Which Piano Should I Buy?

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Making the initial decision to buy a piano is great, but this triggers plenty of other questions which must be answered. Should I buy digital or acoustic? What brand/model should I buy? New or used? These are all great questions and your friends here at SoCal Pianos are happy to provide you with answers and… Read more »