Piano Rental Plans

We rent quality Pianos from around the world.

Our buyers are constantly looking for the best pianos in every category. Currently in our rental pool are brands such as Baldwin, Boston, Essex, Kawai, Mason & Hamlin, Petrof, Roland, Steinway,Technics, and YAMAHA.

In addition to the benefit of choosing from our vast selection you’ll also receive:

Our Price Guarantee

If you find the same make/model for less, we’ll meet the price and give you a month FREE!

30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Insures that you are happy with the piano you choose – or we’ll exchange or upgrade it free of charge.

6 Months Rent Guarantee Towards Purchase

Most Piano Stores won’t let you buy your rental – We encourage you to try before you buy…and will apply all payments for the first 6 months to the purchase!*


Historically, pianos have increased in price by 7-10% per year. Get Today’s price when you decide to buy – No surprises!


Our On-Line Special for GROUND FLOOR DELIVERY WITHIN 50 MILES OF OUR NEAREST LOCATION – We’ll waive the delivery fee with a 12 month minimum rental! (stairs & special conditions extra – pick-up charged at the time of rental)

Here is a summary of our RENTAL AGREEMENT:

Charges to be paid in advance are the first and last month’s rent, Security Deposit and the Two-Way Cartage. Rentee (customer) shall forfeit all advanced charges should rental be returned prior to the specified minimum length of the Rental Agreement.

When applicable the RENTEE agrees to a Security Deposit on the personal property involved in this lease Agreement or any amendment thereto. These monies shall be applied in part or in total against any loss or damage caused by fire, theft, or any other hazard or peril. The security deposit amount may vary.

RENTEE shall insure all of the personal property involved in this Rental Agreement or any amendment thereto, against any loss or damage caused by fire, theft or any other hazard or peril. If the property referred to herein is damaged or destroyed by means which are not covered by said insurance, then RENTEE shall pay the costs of repairs to restore the same. If the damage is beyond repair, then RENTEE shall immediately pay RENTOR (Piano Rentals) the market value of the property.

RENTEE agrees to keep the property herein described free and clear of all liens and claims. RENTEE agrees not to remove said property from RENTEE’s above listed address without prior permission of RENTOR.

On default of rental payment, RENTOR may do any one or more of the following acts: 1) declare the Rental forfeited; 2) without liability for trespass or damages, enter the premises wherein the property described herein may be and take possession thereof; 3) sue the balance owed under this Rent agreement; 4) in the event legal action is instituted in order to enforce any of the terms of this agreement, RENTEE agrees to pay a reasonable sum for attorney’s fees, plus all costs thereby incurred.

Each month’s rent is due and payable on the first. RENTEE agrees to pay as a delinquency and collection charge for default in the payment of any installment hereunder which continued for ten days, an amount equal to ten (10%) of such installment, and to make such payment not later than one month after such default.

It is expressly understood that this is an agreement of Rent only, and that RENTEE acquires no right, title or interest in or to the property described herein, other than the right to the possession and use of the same in accordance with the terms of this Rental Contract. This agreement shall not be assigned by the RENTEE, without written consent of the RENTOR, or by operation of law or otherwise. Any assignment is void and illegal, and without effect.

This agreement is subject to credit approval. RENTEE acknowledges the piano will be tuned prior to leaving the store and any tunings in the home will be at the expense of the RENTEE.



*Disclaimer: excluding tax