Best Advice For Choosing a New Instrument to Play

No matter what musical instrument you or a member of your family is considering playing and/or buying, it’s always a good idea to have a plan. And a good way to build a solid plan is to gather a little bit of advice from folks who specialize in helping customers choose an instrument wisely. In this instance, your friends at SoCal Piano can always assist you in finding the perfect piano for you to play. But we also want our customers to have a few helpful tips when choosing any kind of instrument. That includes considering an instrument rental before you make a big purchase.


The physical size of the instrument you are considering plays a significant part in choosing the instrument. This is especially true if you are choosing an instrument for children. Some instruments are just too large for them to handle until they get older, such as drums, large horns etc. The amount of space in your home for instruments is also a factor. An acoustic piano requires a fair amount of space, as do the afore-mentioned drums and other musical instruments. The age of your child should also be taken into consideration. Children under six have physical limitations and of course, their motor skills are still in the development stage. 


How much money you have to invest in an instrument will go a long way towards helping you decide what to start out with. Make sure you have a budget and stick with it. You can easily spend thousands of dollars on an instrument, case and all the accessories. Another way to get more bang for your buck is to consider purchasing a used instrument. Depending on many factors, such as make/model, age and maintenance; a used instrument can be a great investment.

Instrument Rentals From SoCal

If you are considering a piano, investing in a used model may make sense for you. As mentioned above, considerable research and homework should be done on used pianos before purchase and some classic brands only appreciate in price with age, such as Steinways, etc. Another way to make sure you are picking the right piano for you and your family is trying before buying. This is where your friends at SoCal can help. Meanwhile, here are a few great reasons for an instrumental rental first, including:

  • Unlimited Rental Period. Rent as long as you want and try out as many pianos as you want. There’s no pressure to buy because we want to guarantee that you will find the piano perfect for you and your family.
  • Affordable. We offer rental programs for as low as one dollar per day and can set customers up with a perfect plan for any budget.
  • No Rent Wasted. All rent paid during your minimum rental period can be applied to a pre-discounted and locked-in purchase price on a new/used piano.

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