Buying a Beginner Piano for Your Child? You Should Rent Before You Buy

beginner pianos for children

You need a lot of information when trying to decide what beginner piano is right for you. And you still need even more information if you are considering purchasing a beginner piano for one of your children. So, unless you are a piano expert or experienced player yourself, you will likely need some good advice before settling on the perfect beginner piano for your ebony-and-ivory-interested son or daughter. SoCal Pianos has helped countless families over the last three decades make this important choice, and know that we can assist yours too. Here is some sage advice worth considering.

  1. Acoustic Is Preferred, But Digital Piano OK For Beginners. The most significant reason this is true is because a digital piano will usually cost much less than an acoustic. In the not-too-distant past, the sound of acoustic pianos was very notably better than digital. But today’s technology has leveled the playing field in that regard, making digital pianos a viable option for players of all levels. In addition to the initial investment, other considerations include the maintenance cost associated with an acoustic piano. Because of their various moving parts and mechanical construction, acoustic pianos require regular maintenance as well as tuning. For the most part, a digital piano requires neither.
  2. Invest in Full Size With Weighted Keys. Because beginners start off only using a few keys, some folks think that buying a smaller piano, with 61, 73 or 76 keys will be OK. While it may be for a while, young players will usually quickly become proficient enough to expand their playing to 88 keys, which is the accepted full size standard. With smaller keyboards, your children will quickly run out of keys to play and won’t be able to play the high or low end note. Also, if you decide on a digital piano or keyboard to start with, making sure the keyboard includes weighted keys can be important. Weighted keys help simulate the action and feel of pressing on the keys of an acoustic piano. 
  3. You Get What You Pay For. Isn’t that the truth? Yes, the concern that your child may not become enamored with piano playing or lose interest is valid, but that does not necessarily mean that you should shop for the cheapest option, whether it is a digital or acoustic model. For starters, the feel and soul decrease with the price point and so does the resale value if you do decide to move on from the instrument.

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If you are still unsure about which direction to go or you just want to proceed slowly, a great alternative is beginner piano rental for your children. This will allow you and your child to test out a piano (or two) and see if playing is something everyone wants to do moving forward. At our rental store, rental prices, options and selections are explained in full detail, so please take time to visit us there. You can also call and schedule an appointment to meet with our professionals at our Ontario, CA office or Palm Desert location