Digital or Acoustic Piano? Which One Should You Rent

digital piano vs acoustic piano

Making the initial decision to buy a piano is great, but this triggers plenty of other questions which must be answered. Should I buy digital or acoustic? What brand/model should I buy? New or used? These are all great questions and your friends here at SoCal Pianos are happy to provide you with answers and help you find the piano just right for you.

Digital or Acoustic Piano?

The biggest decision is choosing between a digital or traditional acoustic piano. Let’s take a look at the basic characteristics of both:

  1. Acoustic Pianos This is what you want if you prefer “old school,” a traditional piano with hammers and strings enclosed in a wooden casing. When the keys are pressed, the hammers strike the strings, causing them to vibrate and produce sound. Acoustic pianos come in two designs: the grand piano, which is horizontal in design and the upright, which features a vertical design that takes up less space than the grand. Acoustic pianos which generally produce a richer, more natural sound than digital pianos. They are also usually more expensive.
  2. Digital PianosThese pianos reproduce digitally pre-recorded acoustic piano sounds when the keys are struck. They never need tuning and are often a better choice for students or beginners. They are consistently less expensive as well, depending on the make and model. There are three types of digital pianos: the digital grand, the upright and the portable.

Consider Renting Before Buying

SoCal Pianos offers custom piano rental programs that may be a great alternative option to purchasing a piano. This may be the best route for you and your family in regard to budget and also if you believe that testing a piano or more than one piano before buying it makes good sense. Here are some good reasons to consider renting before buying:

  • Unlimited Rental Period. Rent as long as you want – month-to-month or longer – with no pressure
  • Affordable Plans. Plans start as low as $29 per month, meaning you can check out a piano for just a dollar a day.
  • Large Inventory. We offer a variety of verticals, grands, consoles, or digitals by major-brand piano manufacturers such as Yamaha, Baldwin, Kawai, Kimball, Kohler & Campbell, Petrof, Roland, Samick, Technics, Pearl River and Young Chang.
  • Rent to Own. All the rent you pay during the minimum rental period may be applied towards the purchase of that piano. In addition, you will receive the guaranteed lowest purchase/rental price (we will match or beat any lower deal) and discount price guarantee.

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