How Much Does a Baby Grand Piano Cost?

Baby Grand Piano Cost

There is simply no other way to say it: the cost of a baby grand piano can be staggering. Now, it is not our intention of scaring you away from purchasing a baby grand piano. It is a wonderful instrument designed to give players and their families years and years of musical enjoyment and entertainment.

Here at SoCal Pianos, we just want our customers to know that investing in a baby grand is an important financial decision. In fact, the financial impact of purchasing a baby grand piano can be compared to buying a new car or installation of a major appliance or system in your home. That’s why SoCal is here to help our customers make the best decision possible when considering a purchase.

Baby Grand Piano Pricing

A baby grand piano can run you anywhere from a few thousand dollars for a used model all the way up to $100,000 or more. All pianos are not created equal and this is certainly reflected in the price, which depends on many factors, such as age, make, model etc. Here are a few factors that can influence the cost:

  • Size. With grands, we are talking about size in regard to horizontal length. A baby grand is usually between 5-1/2 feet to just under six feet in length. The six inches can make a difference in centurion, string length, sound and yes, price.
  • New vs. Used. While it may seem obvious that used pianos are cheaper than new, sometimes it is not quite that simple. Again, depending on the make and model, some new pianos may be more suited to you at a better price than some used models. It is wise to have a piano expert (think SoCal) thoroughly inspect any used models.
  • Brand Name Appeal.  The cost of the big three- Steinway, Yamaha and Kawai – will generally be more than the second-tier manufacturers. But even among those three, pricing may differ from store to store. 
  • Color. Colored wood veneers such as mahogany and walnut are usually more expensive than satin or polished ebony.

Rent a Baby Grand Piano 

Since buying a baby grand piano can be a complicated and expensive endeavor, there’s always the option to rent a baby grand.  SoCal offers many reasons to consider renting a baby grand piano before purchasing one, including price lock guarantees, 30-day exchange and rent towards purchase options. We also offer an amazing inventory of piano rental selections, from Steinways on down. For more information, call to book an appointment at our showroom in Ontario, CA. Let’s get started on getting you behind the keys of a baby grand!