How Much Should I Spend on a Piano?

How Much Should I Spend on a Piano?

When you decide to learn the piano, there are several considerations to think about (mostly the piano prices!). One of the most pressing for some families and individuals is how much money to invest in the instrument. The adage that you get what you pay for is not explicitly black and white, but it is true that a more expensive piano made with high-end materials will likely have a higher price point. 

Post-pandemic economics also plays a part in the cost of owning a piano in 2022. With the increase in demand for pianos, there’s naturally a corresponding rise in piano prices. The supply-chain issues that have plagued most industries have also impacted piano manufacturing, which affects availability and pricing. 

Piano Prices

The bottom line for Southern California area piano enthusiasts is there may be difficulty finding an instrument, and even if you do, it’s important to know piano prices for an upright range between $3,000 and $6,500. Make that a high-end upright and you could spend up to $25,000! Grand pianos, which traditionally provide a richer sound, among other increased perks, can cost anywhere from $65,000 to $190,000. That’s especially out of bounds for most beginners. 

But why purchase a new piano, when a piano rental from a reliable source like SoCal Pianos d/b/a makes securing your own easy to secure?

Why Rent a Piano?

There are many good reasons why piano rentals are better for consumers. First, the beginning student may decide after a short time that learning the piano isn’t really for them. If you rent a piano from you won’t be stuck with an expensive piece of furniture. 

Aside from the much lower costs involved and an easy return policy, another reason a piano rental is superior to purchasing is you’ll likely get a better quality instrument than your budget may allow for an outright purchase. 

Make that piano rental a digital piano rather than acoustic, and you can also add versatility to the list of advantages as well as the ability to practice quietly when you use the headphone capability.

Don’t wait to secure your very own piano. Call us to see how easy the piano rental process can be. Should you wish to speak with a representative, that can be arranged as well.