Should You Rent a Steinway Piano or Yamaha Piano?

Steinway Rentals And Yamaha Rentals

Learning to play the piano has many benefits for the student, whether a child or adult. Your memory skills are improved, brain speed and stress and anxiety may be decreased. In addition, your focus and concentration are sharpened, and your confidence and self-esteem are increased. Sadly though, many families can’t afford the high upfront cost needed to have a piano in their home. Luckily, SoCal Pianos, now doing business as has a large selection of rental pianos available, including Steinway rentals and Yamaha rentals! 

Choosing whether a Steinway or Yamaha rental is a good fit for your home and needs can be overwhelming when you’re unsure of what to look for. Is cost the most important? Of course, size must factor into the decision. Then there’s the terminology that’s a different language in and of itself: touch, action, soundboards, digital and acoustic. takes the guesswork out of choosing the piano that’s best for your needs and budget. 

Most people have heard of the popular choices among piano brands: Steinway or Yamaha. There are advantages and disadvantages both, and either one would be a good piano rental choice. Steinway has a revolutionary sound that is rich and inviting. They use high quality North American spruce and maple for their instruments, and the artistry and craftsmanship behind the design of their pianos is well known among serious pianists. 

On the other hand, a Yamaha rental would also provide a high-quality line of pianos from which to choose for the new and seasoned pianist alike. Yamaha is known for having a brighter sound while many believe Steinways to be a more creative instrument for its ability to offer variation in playing classical pieces. Yamaha is built with various quality woods like spruce, oak, mahogany and other wood materials from East Asia. While many prefer the rich sounds of the Steinway, others describe Yamahas as providing a stable, more consistent sound. 

The Yamaha or Steinway rental piano that’s right for you is the one that best meets your monthly budget. Within that choice, the piano that fits your available space becomes the second consideration. As you learn the skills needed, you may find you want to upgrade to a higher quality rental piano with a more robust sound capability or a better touch for you. Whether the perfect piano for you is a Steinway or a Yamaha is really a matter of personal preference. is happy to help. Our online piano rental process is quick and easy. Check it out today.