Baby Grand – Perfect Practice Piano – Rent for $79/mo. Or Buy It Now $2999

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We “Upcycle” mature baby grands into modern practice instruments and save them from our landfills!


Buy or Rent During our Liquidation

This project takes an older American-Built piano which has otherwise seen its useful life come to an end and adds modern technology to give it a new life.

Offered for the first time ever – Maybe a first in the World – we removed and sent for recycling all parts and materials which are no longer musically functional to help save natural resources, and divert materials from landfills.

Then we refurbish the solid-wood case and add aesthetically-pleasing cabinet parts for a finished new look.

In this one we refurbished the original action (key mechanism) to keep THE REAL FEEL and function of the original grand piano as it was intended. It doesn’t play “like” a grand piano action – It IS a grand piano action.

Add  a sound module or software of your choice.

Inside we added key sensors which control any smart device of your choice and added a sound system to produce rich, realistic tone – not the least of which are recording quality grand piano sounds from a variety of available apps. morphing the best of tradition and technology!

Voila’ – the first true Custom Hybrid (Repurposed) Baby Grand offered to the public.

  • We’re proud to offer an alternative to sending a traditional grand piano to the landfill. One that was crafted from the toils of American Factory workers of yesteryear. Unfortunately, ‘dumping’ is the path of all other piano retailers that we know of…
  • And we’re excited to introduce a legitimate Baby Grand Piano option for all levels of players, aspiring recording artists, teachers and more.
  • It’s also a great practice instrument when used with headphones.
  • Never needs to be tuned either, saving you hundreds of dollars per year in maintenance.

All at a price LESS than many new Upright pianos.

You’ve seen it HERE FIRST.

You’ll want to hear it soon. Select from available inventory or let SoCal Pianos customize one for you.

Please make an appointment with a product specialist in either of our locations to audition our line-up of Custom Hybrid Pianos – Repurposed to help save our environment.

Available for Rent from $89 per month*. Option to purchase during minimum rental period. Ask for details.

Free local, ground floor delivery with purchase.

We’ll assist with delivery nation-wide as well.

Matching bench included

*Southern California residential rental only – Subject to credit approval.

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