Mason & Hamlin Model B – New Demo model

Sale Price: $38,340.00


This is a spectacular piano from a Tier 1 manufacturer.

Made only in the USA – Mason & Hamlin has a long history of quality piano making. Unmistakably ranked in the top pianos of the World, Mason & Hamlin grands are know for their robust bass tone, and clear treble.

Their signature “Crown Retention System” (a sophisticated bracing system) adds strength, longevity and tonal power simply not available on any other piano.

Bigger bass than Steinway – most players comment on the surprising power from all registers, but especially the bass section compared to its American Rival. Another desired difference is the action – these both came from the factory with the sought-after Wessell, Nickel & Gross – carbon fiber/composite action. So fast, and controllable. Never heavy. The tone benefits as well from the hammer coming off the string much faster than traditional wooden actions. Ask a technician or performer their opinion (if they keep up with advancement in piano design) and you’ll find out for yourself. Better yet – make an appointment to view, hear, play this amazing instrument.

This from Mason & Hamlin Factory:

Wessell, Nickel & Gross composite actions last over three times as long as their wooden counterparts, making them the perfect compliment to our pianos. From our carbon fiber shanks, composite repetitions, and exclusive hard bushings, every element works in harmony and precision to give the pianist unparalleled control, immediate response, and ease of play.

We have two Mason & Hamlin grand models available –

Model B (5’4″) is finished in Satin Ebony

Model A (5’8″) is finished in Polished Ebony

Original retail prices were $63,900 and $72,200 Respectively.

Now offered at 40% off original retail (Current retail is MUCH higher) While they last during our Ontario Store Closing Liquidation Sale.

Please call for complete details or to make an appointment. BONUS we’re including the Factory installed PianoDisc Player system ($8999) at no additional charge.