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PIANO Sales & Rentals In Southern California Since 1991

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Looking for affordable piano rentals in Southern California? When you are ready to bring the sound of music into your home, we’d love to be your piano rental dealer. Since 1991, we are proud to have provided Steinway & Sons, Yamaha, Clavinova, Kawai and other piano brands in thousands of Southern California homes, universities, schools, and churches. It has been our mission and passion to always provide high quality pianos for the greatest experience you can have, especially on a piano rental. 

Our primary selection of pianos for rent includes:

Rentals plans of all price ranges starting at only $39 a month (OAC) can make having the dream of a piano in your home a reality. Fall in love with your beautiful new piano and want to keep it? Absolutely! You’ll know going into your rental program what that amount will be to never part ways with your piano.

FOR A LIMITED TIME: Savings on piano rental rates up to 50%.

If you are looking to rent a high quality piano in the Southern California area, check out one of the most extensive piano rental inventories available. The easy online process can have you renting your piano today! Just select the “RENT THIS PIANO” to get approved for credit and hold your perfect piano.

Want to pick your piano in person or make sure it’s the piano rental you really want? No problem! Schedule a time to come by our Loma Linda, CA piano showroom and work with a piano specialist. In a short time, you can have the piano rental completed and ready to start your musical journey.


Take a look at our collection of pianos for rent and see which one is the right pick for you.


Shop from our collection of digital pianos from Kawai, Yamaha and more.


View our grand/baby grand pianos from Steinway & Sons, Yamaha or Kawai.


Shop from our beautiful collection of hybrid pianos from Yamaha and more.


Shop from our various comparable brands of player pianos.


View our premium pianos from Steinway & Sons, Yamaha and more.


Shop from our collection of upright pianos from Kawai, Yamaha and more.
  • How It Works

    Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will be with you every step of the way if you have any questions or need assistance.

  • Select the piano that you would like to rent and Add It to your wishlist

    No pressure, this is just the beginning of the process!

  • When you’re ready, click “Place your order”

    You can preview costs and other details, set up your account password, reserving your piano for (at least) 24 hours.

  • Complete your Credit Application if you haven’t already done so

    You can contact us directly or check a box to have it sent to us when you’re done. We’ll process it ASAP (usually on same or next business day).

  • Upon Credit Approval, Complete a Rental Agreement

    Here’s what it will include: Piano Rental Plans

  • Arrange Initial Payment with Us

    Usually First and Last Month, Security Deposit, and Two-Way Cartage (delivery and return) of the Piano, with discounts and credits applied

  • Receive Your Piano

    We’ll make the delivery arrangements for you, keeping you informed every step of the way

  • Make Monthly Payments

    Upon delivery your monthly rental plan will commence. Future monthly payments will be processed electronically (by ACH).

  • Return Your Piano (unless you decide to buy it!)

    Just like when you received it – we’ll make the arrangements and keep you informed


We’d love to help you save some money. Check out some of our great deals we have running.


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