How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Piano Monthly?

Monthly Piano Rentals From SoCal Pianos

Pianos are among the most popular musical instruments that people learn to play. Many parents want their children to learn for reasons other than being grounded in music. Benefits to brain development, hand-eye coordination development and increased dexterity are just a few of the positive outcomes to learning the piano. Learning the piano can also enhance memory retention and reduce anxiety and stress. Great benefits for the adult student. Sometimes, you’re not ready to buy, though, and that’s okay! We offer monthly piano rentals in the Southern California region!

Unfortunately, many dismiss the desire for their children to learn or even to learn themselves because they assume they can’t afford it. Did you know that having a piano in your home is easy as pie with a monthly piano rental from By renting monthly, you don’t have to worry about a large outlay of upfront costs. This is great for the beginner who is still unsure if playing the piano is a long-term commitment for them.

Monthly Piano Rental Prices Vary

The average costs for a monthly piano rental can vary due to the size, brand and type of piano you choose. At our rentals can range from less than $100 to over $500 per month. Our rental pool is always evolving as pianos are rented and new instruments become available. Check out our current inventory today.   

A monthly piano rental is as simple as making a monthly car payment. At, your first 6 months of rental payments apply toward the purchase price if you decide to make the rental a permanent purchase within that time frame. Our rental pianos are quality products from around the world and include brands such as Baldwin, Essex, Hamin, Yamaha, Steinway and more!

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Every rental agreement includes free ground floor delivery and includes a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. Don’t wait. Contact us today for more information about how an easy monthly piano rental can get you on the way to playing the piano today.