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We have pianos available for rental or purchase. Not sure which best suits your needs? Make an appointment with one of our piano consultants or contact us and we’ll walk you through the pros & cons. You can also check out our used pianos and rental pianos selections online.

Rent or Buy

Buy Used or New?

With both used and new pianos, our selection cannot be beat. More than selection, we offer service. If you aren’t sure whether to buy used or new, come into our stores and test both. Our used pianos are a great way to get a beautiful instrument with a smaller initial investment, and our new pianos offer the latest in available piano technology from leading brands. We’re here to provide accurate information about the best pianos available, followed by stellar customer service after you entrust us with your business. That’s what we do.

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What Brand Is Best?

There are a lot of great piano brands out there, and SoCal Pianos represents the best. The proprietor’s primary mission is to continually seek out the best pianos in every category, and work diligently to bring them to the So. Calif. market in sufficient quantity to offer pricing which represents the best value anywhere. Check out our Brands available in each location, and click or call for more information on each of them.

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With 3 strategic locations we’re “freeway-close” to everywherein Southern CA!

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