Reasons to Rent

12 Reasons to Rent from PianoRentals.com

Renting a piano from PianoRentals.com makes getting your family into the wonderful world of music a simple, safe, and economical decision.


  1. Pick Your Piano Right Now! Our easy on-line system saves you time and money. No “retail shopping” hassle.
  2. Guaranteed Lowest Price! Nobody has the PianoRentals.com Price Guarantee. If you find the same make/model advertised for less, we’ll match the price AND give you a month FREE!
  3. Unlimited Rental Period. Rent as long as you wish. It’s open-ended and there’s no pressure.
  4. No Pressure. Renting a piano from PianoRentals.com gives parents a chance to test their children’s commitment while they get comfortable learning to play a piano. It reduces the pressure for the whole family.
  5. Guaranteed Mistake Free.Rest assured that you WILL find the right piano. Our 30 day guarantee allows you to exchange or upgrade it free of charge during the first 30 days. Click here to view our selections.
  6. All Rent applies to purchase during minimum rental period. Most Piano Stores won’t let you buy your rental – We encourage you to rent first and Try Before You Buy!
  7. Guaranteed Discount Purchase Price – Locked in Now. Historically, pianos have increased in price by 7-10% per year. Get Today’s price when you decide to buy. Purchase anytime during your rental – No surprises!
  8. Less Than a Dollar a Day! PianoRentals.com has rental plans starting as low as $29 per month. It¹s a great way to keep your investment down, and have money left for piano lessons or sheet music. Click here to view our selections.
  9. Choose the Right Piano for YouPianoRentals.com has a variety of verticals, grands, consoles, or digitals. Currently in our rental pool are brands such as Yamaha, Baldwin, Kawai, Kimball, Kohler, & Campbell, Petrof, Roland, Samick, Technics, Pearl River and Young Chang. Click here to view our selections.
  10. No Rent Thrown Away! All rent during the minimum period can be applied to purchase at pre-discounted and locked in discount price.
  11. You Will NOT end up with a piano of questionable quality that no one else wants. Most rental stores rent old and/or “B” grade instruments. Not PianoRentals.com! You will receive only a top-grade new or pre-owned piano when you rent from PianoRentals.com.Click here to view our selections.
  12. Exchange Anytime! You may exchange or upgrade your rental for another piano of equal or greater value if you determine that another piano better meets your needs. PianoRentals.com always carries a fine selection of new and pre-owned rental pianos. (You just pay delivery/pickup fees and new rental rate on your new selection).