Is an Electric Piano & Digital Keyboard the Same Thing?

Is an Electric Piano & Digital Keyboard the Same Thing?

Is an Electronic Keyboard the Same As a Digital Piano? has served piano enthusiasts in Southern California, Coachella and the Inland Empire since 1991. We have many satisfied customers who recognize if they want to purchase or rent a piano from a trusted dealer that also is a wonderful resource for piano teachers, they need look no further than SoCal Pianos (also dba 

Over the years, many questions have been posed to us regarding which brand or type of piano is best, especially for a beginner. We’re always happy to help our clientele with the information they need to make the best decision for them or their loved one. One question we’re often asked is if an electronic keyboard is the same as a digital piano.

Let’s Talk About That.

These two popular instruments may have some similarities, but there are significant differences between an electric piano and a digital piano. Both have acoustic piano-style black and white keyboard, speakers to project the sound and some controls and buttons. Aside from these minimal commonalities, the distinctions between an electronic keyboard and a digital piano are vast. Let’s examine some of the basics.

  • Acoustic pianos have 88 keys as does the digital piano. The electronic keyboard can have as few as 37 or up to 61 keys, which is the most common. For this reason, the keyboard isn’t the best choice for the beginner.
  • The electronic keyboard also has a very different touch than the digital piano because the keys are not weighted or even built to simulate being weighted like a traditional acoustic.
  • A digital on is typically larger and not very portable vs. an electronic keyboard, which is smaller and easily transported.
  • Digital pianos have a much richer sound, like an acoustic piano, whereas an electronic keyboard will be lacking in this area.
  • Many keyboards interface with software enabling arranging with a variety of sounds. has a variety of pianos from which to choose, whether acoustic, digital or electronic. Check out our current list of instruments available to purchase, rent or rent-to-own.