Kawai Piano Rental – Is It Better Than Buying One?

Kawai Piano Rental

The piano remains one of the most popular instruments of all time. Through the ages, parents have chosen the piano as the gateway for their children to learn to play music. There are several major brands that have stood the test of time and Kawai is a brand to be reckoned with within the industry.

Kawai has a solid reputation for manufacturing top of the line acoustic pianos. The company has taken the experience gained over the past 90 years and transferred that knowledge into building a digital piano line that is equally respected among pianists worldwide. The unmatched quality of touch and tone found in their grand and upright pianos is true among Kawai digital pianos as well. Among classical pianists, a Kawai piano is their preferred choice specifically because of its broad sound which is rife with pleasant fullness. 

Should I Rent or Buy?

Renting a Kawai piano is a wise choice, especially for the beginning student. Since purchasing a piano requires a large outlay of cash up front, committing to a short-term rental removes the added financial pressure from what could be a stressful situation when learning to play a new instrument. 

As with any decision, there are advantages and disadvantages to renting vs. buying a piano. Let’s take a quick look.

Comparisons Between a Piano Rental or Purchase

When considering a Kawai piano rental, one of the upsides is that you won’t be laying out a lot of money off the bat. With a rental, if you choose, you can try different models to see which one you like best. If you decide that playing the piano really isn’t your thing, you won’t be stuck with a very large piece of furniture that needs regular dusting. 

With a Kawai piano rental from PianoRentals.com, your monthly rental payment can be applied to a full purchase at any time during your rental. We also offer a 30-day guarantee, giving you peace of mind that you’re not locked into a deal you no longer want. Even though a piano rental does come with a minimal processing fee, PianoRentals.com offers every customer the rent-to-own and trade-in or trade-up options.

The main benefit of purchasing a piano outright is that you now personally own one, but the possibility that you may no longer want it is a huge disadvantage. 

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