Is The Decision To Buy A Secondhand Piano A Good One?

secondhand piano

It’s a dilemma many families face: A child (or anyone in the family) is showing a great deal of interest in learning to play the piano, but the household budget simply won’t allow the purchase of a new piano. SoCal Pianos believes there are two good options to solve that problem for many families.


There’s absolutely nothing wrong with buying a secondhand piano as long as you do your homework and make smart decisions. Advantages of a used piano include:

  • Lower upfront cost than new
  • Someone has already paid the depreciation so it will hold its value
  • This means there will be more models and manufacturers in your price range
  • A good choice for a student who may or may not stay with the hobby

There are also many risks in buying a used piano, with the lack of a manufacturer’s warranty at the very top of the list. Many buyers are willing to accept those risks in return for the lower upfront cost. Here is one rule to live by: Have the secondhand piano examined and appraised by a professional before closing the deal. This is especially important when buying from a private-party. 


It’s difficult to give a definitive answer, but SoCal Pianos urges you to not even consider anything that costs less than $1,500 to $2,000. The starting point for a decent musical instrument is $3,000. Here is one more cardinal: A good secondhand upright piano is much better than a bad grand piano. If you can’t afford at least $7,500, don’t even consider a used grand piano.


If those dollar estimates are still a budget buster, your child doesn’t have to give up dreams of playing the piano. Consider a piano rental to get things started. SoCal Pianos always has a selection of quality rental pianos at our showrooms in Ontario & Palm Desert, CA (appointment only at both locations). Making this choice reduces the financial burden in the short term and protects you in case little Becky decides six months from now her real passion is tennis, not piano.


Whatever option you choose, just know that your friends at SoCal Pianos will do everything possible to help your family realize their musical dreams. To learn more about the services available at our stores in Ontario & Palm Desert, CA (appointment only at both locations) be sure to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.