Why Piano Rentals in LA are Becoming More Popular

Why People of Los Angeles Are Turning to Piano Rentals Instead of Piano Purchases

For generations, a piano in the living room of the family home indicated mobility and success as much as the owners’ probable love for music. Still today, when staging a home to sell, realtors will often include a piano in the mix to give the home a classy feel. With the price of traditional acoustic pianos continuing to rise along with the cost of living for most families, piano rentals in LA are becoming increasingly more popular. 


Purchasing a piano has become a luxury that the average family may no longer be able to afford. Traditional acoustic pianos, such as a baby grand, can cost between $85,000 – $200,000, depending on whether it’s new or used, making piano rentals in Los Angeles a much more feasible option. 

Aside from the lower upfront cost of owning a piano, piano rentals in LA are on the rise for three secondary reasons:

With LA being the center of the West Coast entertainment industry, many professional musicians choose to rent a piano for the monthly expenditure tax write-off. A second reason for choosing a piano rental in the Los Angeles area is because there may be uncertainty about living arrangements. A piano rental allows for the versatility of getting rid of the piano if need be without the struggle to find a buyer. Because many parents don’t want to invest in an expensive instrument their child may not continue playing, or the adult learner is unsure of their ongoing interest, renting a piano is a stress-free way to try out an instrument without a large initial cash outlay. 

With Piano Rentals, located in the Ontario area, acquiring a piano rental in LA has never been easier. They have a premium selection of acoustic and digital pianos available, and their easy online process makes renting a piano easier than ever, whether you’re a professional, a beginner or a family seeking to help your child! 

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