Why Short Term Piano Rentals Are The Way To Go

Short Term Piano Rentals

So you’d like to learn the piano but don’t want to pay what it costs to own one? Maybe you already play but no longer have room for a grand or even an acoustic upright. No worries. PianoRentals.com has you covered. With our large inventory of rental pianos, ranging from grands and baby grands, to uprights and digital or electric pianos, we can meet any piano rental need you may have.


Outside of renting for a special event, concert or other entertainment purposes, a short-term piano rental is typically for six months or less. For the beginner, a short-term piano rental may be just the ticket to make sure the piano is the instrument you want to learn over the long-term. You’ll avoid the stress of a large upfront payout and have time to decide if you’re committed to learning over time. If at the end of the rental term you decide you want to continue, you can adjust your rental terms to a length that will better meet your needs; or, you may decide you’d like to choose a different one for a new short-term piano rental. 

Perhaps you’re already committed to renting but your circumstances make a short-term piano rental really appealing. PianoRentals.com can help. Our website provides all the information you need about renting, whether it’s a short-term piano rental or a very short-term rental for a special occasion. If you wish, any piano rental can easily be converted to a permanent investment.

Check out these PianoRentals.com rental process highlights:

  1. At your convenience, you can easily  “place your online order.”
  2. We offer an easy online credit application and rental agreement.
  3. Automatic electronic payment process makes paying for your piano rental easy.
  4. Our 30-day satisfaction guarantee removes the stress from any long- or short-term rental agreement. 

Don’t put off tickling the ivories any longer. Check out our current selection of pianos for easy online browsing and applications. If you prefer onsite, you can visit our showroom by appointment in Ontario, CA. Click here to schedule yours today.