5 Piano Techniques for Beginners

5 Piano Techniques for Beginners

5 Piano Techniques for Beginners

When learning how to play piano, the scope of the term ‘technique’ may vary greatly. Technique may refer to a pianist’s posture or how they hold their hands above the keys, for example. We could also use technique to describe various methodologies a beginning piano player employs, such as the way they go about practice, or learning a new piece or how they assess their progress or expected outcomes. Here at PianoRentals, you can rent a piano first to make sure it’s a good fit for your new hobby. We have many pianos for beginners available for you to choose from.

The point is that however you define the word technique as it relates to learning how to play piano, there is a long list of helpful hints, proven learning strategies and exercises we could talk about. 

To keep this blog easy to read and less than novel-length, let’s look at a combination of five tips to help you succeed as a beginner pianist.

How to Play Piano As a Beginner

  1. A well-established method of learning the piano is the Bastien Method. While there are other methods available, this process is respected among piano teachers as it combines learning performance, theory and technique. All areas are employed in tandem as a comprehensive way to teach piano. 
  2. Be intentional about daily practice times. Every skill takes repetitive practice to improve. The more time you make to practice your piano playing with the outcome of improving in mind, the better you’ll get.
  3. When practicing, be conscious of posture and hand position, including how your fingers hit the keys and keeping your wrists level. All of these are important to proper technique.
  4. To increase finger and hand strength as well as control, take the time during each practice session to play through scales. Honing these skills will help greatly as you progress through your lessons.
  5. Playing fast and playing well are not synonymous. Using a metronome when practicing can help stay on pace and not go too fast. Even the most trained musicians learn a new song very slowly and gradually increase their speed to the pace the song was written. 

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