Best Grand Pianos For Your Family 2020

piano rentals

If you have decided you want to make an investment in a grand piano, you probably have some serious questions that require equally serious answers. The good news is that your friends at SoCal Piano have been answering these questions and helping our customers since 1991. We certainly can help you make the correct grand piano purchase, but we also have some advice worth considering: renting pianos can allow you to check out different brands and models. It can also help entertain your kids, who are probably way beyond antsy at this point from the COVID-19 lockdown.


Think of it this way. Renting pianos is similar to test driving many cars before you choose one to buy. Makes sense, right, to check out the way it drives (feels) and handles (sounds)? We think so, so here’s some good reasons why you should consider one of our piano rental plans.

  1. No Term Limits. Rent for as long as you want, with no restrictions and no pressure. 
  2. Guaranteed Lowest Price. We will match or beat any other piano rental offer. 
  3. 30-Day Mistake Free. We know that you will find the right piano and to make sure, during the first 30 days of your rental term, we allow our customers to exchange or upgrade to another piano to try out more selections.
  4. Buy What You Rent. Some places do not want you to buy what you are renting so they can turn it around and make more money off it. Not us, if you like the piano you are renting, you can buy it. So, that said…
  5. Rent Counts Toward Purchase. All rent during the minimum period can be applied to purchase at a pre-discounted and locked in discount price.
  6. Guaranteed Price. Most piano prices escalate by up to 10 percent per year. But if you decide to buy our rental down the road, you will get the locked-in price at the time your rental period began.
  7. Extensive Selection. We have all different brands and models to choose from, including: Steinway, Yamaha and Kawai.

We understand that making a significant financial investment is not always an option, so those are some of the reasons to rent. Another thing to consider is some manufacturers offer rent to own programs of their own, such as Steinway and others. For more info on those options, or to find out more about all of our services, including lessons and teacher references, call us today. Don’t forget: you can schedule an appointment today for a visit at our Southern California piano showroom. Stay safe and healthy friends!