How To Persuade My Parents To Buy Me A Piano?

Piano Rentals

Playing the piano is a timeless experience and will give players and their families years of musical enjoyment. But learning to play takes some time and a lot of commitment. As an investment in a piano is not inexpensive, deciding whether to make that commitment can take some time, too. So, if your youngster is begging you to buy a piano, there are different ways you can go. Here at SoCal Pianos, we have helped players of all ages and their families make these decisions for decades. As you might imagine, we can offer some great advice if your beginner is ready to take the next step.

Piano Rentals

If you are considering granting your young piano player’s request to purchase a piano, a great way to make sure the commitment is there is by renting a piano first. This is a great way to avoid the most common mistake some folks make when going down this road: they invest in a new or used piano to own, then find out the commitment and playing ability just isn’t there. Poof, your investment instantly takes a hit. A good analogy is teaching your kids to ride a bike. Make sure they can handle it with the training wheels on before you take them off and turn them loose. Benefits of renting a piano before buying include:

  • Determine commitment level.  This is a great way to measure the ambitions, interest and work ethic of your young piano player.
  • Play on quality instruments. Renting a good quality digital or acoustic piano provides for a better playing experience than practicing on a lesser instrument. This will spark your youngster’s interest and playing enjoyment.
  • Finding the right size. Pianos come in a variety of shapes, so renting can help you determine which models fit your home’s size and decor specifications.
  • Rent to own. The ability to apply rent payments to the overall purchase price is a valuable incentive to rent first.

Rent a Piano Near You

SoCal Pianos is the go-to spot for all your piano rental needs in Southern California. We have a huge selection of pianos to choose from, including models and rental payment plans to fit all budget requirements. We also offer:

  • Price Guarantee. We will match the price on any model you find cheaper and throw in a free month’s rent.
  • 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee. We will make sure you are happy with the piano and will exchange it or upgrade it.
  • 6 Months Rent Towards Purchase & Discount Price Lock. Pianos generally increase up to 10 percent per year; get the discount price when you get ready to buy.
  • Free Ground Floor Delivery and Tuning.

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