Upright Pianos Vs. Grand Pianos

Upright Pianos Vs. Grand Pianos

When you’re in the market for a piano, how can you know if an upright piano is best or whether you should purchase or rent a grand piano? The professionals at SoCal Pianos d/b/a pianorentals.com have been helping beginner and trained pianists in the Coachella Valley for decades decide which piano is the one for them. Rest assured, pianorentals.com can help you, too.

While their digital counterparts operate by electricity to produce an electronic piano sound, upright and grand pianos have no electronic components, but rely on air, strings and hammers to generate an acoustic sound. Excluding their similar operation, grand and upright pianos have as many differences as commonalities.

What Are the Major Differences Between Upright & Grand Pianos?

Historically, grand pianos have roots in the early harpsichords. It was during the 1700s that Bartolomeo Cristofori is credited with designing the first grand piano with a mechanism to get sound from felt-covered hammers striking iron strings. The upright piano wasn’t invented until 80 years later.

While the acoustic piano sound can be achieved with either the upright piano or a grand piano, the latter will provide a richer, fuller sound than the upright. Additionally, the grand piano is designed so the strings are horizontal inside the case while the upright strings are vertical. If you have little space for your piano, an upright piano is the better choice. A grand piano can be anywhere from five feet in length to nine feet or more. Because of the diverse and full sound they provide, grand pianos are often the piano of choice of professionals, especially those who play jazz or classical music. 

Aside from taking up less floor space, upright pianos are less expensive than the grand variety. Both attributes make them a favorite among schools, students and many homes. Upright pianos can also easily be placed against a wall or in a corner due to their compact design. 

There are other differences between grand pianos and upright pianos. While each has 3 foot pedals, their functions are different. The position of the strings also makes the “feel” between the two a little different. 

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