5 Great Tips for Practicing Piano

5 Great Tips for Practicing Piano

5 Great Tips to Piano Practice Worthwhile

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Everyone knows that to improve in anything, you must practice. What many people misunderstand, however, is that the length of time spent practicing and the overall quality of the practice time are two very different things.

Piano Practicing Tips

If you have little time to practice, don’t be discouraged. The quality of the practice time is more important than the length of time spent playing. In fact, we offer the following helpful hints to get the most from your practice and improve your skills more effectively and efficiently with the time you have to put into it.

  • Be deliberate in the time you have when learning new music. Use a metronome to set your playing pace. When first learning, don’t play more than half of the tempo you want to play the finished piece. 
  • Practice only as long as needed. Don’t waste time playing without purpose. This goes back to tip number one. Be purposeful and when you’ve accomplished your goals for the practice time, quit for the day.
  • Don’t play through the piece quickly. Take your time to learn the music, the desired pace and the phrasing. Remember your purpose is to play deliberately.
  • Keep a practice journal to track your progress. Review what you did during the previous practice and build on that to improve.
  • Have fun playing. If you hate the piece you chose or if you constantly berate yourself, you will be discouraged and unmotivated. If you love what you’re doing, you will want to do it, and get better at it, too.

Consider a Beginner Piano

If you want to learn the piano but are unsure of how to get started, contact us today or visit pianorentals.com for more information about choosing a piano rental and the appropriate teacher. We’d love to help you begin living your piano playing dream today.