7 Surprising Celebrities that Play the Piano

7 Surprising Celebrities that Play the Piano

7 Surprising Celebrity Pianists

For various reasons, many parents decide their children need to learn to play a musical instrument, and often, the one they choose is the piano. If you’re seeking a piano rental, purchase or even rent to own, SoCal Pianos can help. But first, we know what brought you here. You want to know which famous celebrities play piano!

It’s been said that learning an instrument is a wonderful way to learn discipline, but there are other benefits as well. Cognitive and fine motor skills may improve as well as overall dexterity and hand strength. 

Studies also show that piano playing can sharpen your concentration, memory skills and the ability to focus. If you’re feeling stressed, taking the time to play some tunes is a great way to relax and unwind. There are even claims that playing the piano increases your emotional intelligence. 

While we all probably know individuals who excel academically, artistically, musically and more. Because of their craft, celebrities fascinate a lot of people for many reasons. When a famous performs well in another area outside of their vocation, whether acting, music, sports, etc., we seem to be especially intrigued.

The seven celebrities named below do just that! They are star performers, athletes and leaders who also happen to be pianists.

  1. Johnny Depp 
  2. Halle Berry
  3. Jennifer Garner
  4. NBA star Grant Hill
  5. Condoleezza Rice
  6. Tina Fey
  7. Clint Eastwood

Playing the piano may not guarantee success in other areas or even celebrity status, but it does help develop a wide range of skills. It is worth noting that pianists can be found in every walk of life, demographic and geographic location. 

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