Should I Rent Or Buy An Instrument?

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If you have children, you know their interests and passions can change in a hurry. One year they are begging for sports equipment while dreaming of college scholarships and pro careers. A year or two later their passion is astronomy, and they ask you to buy them an expensive new telescope. That lasts until they see this really great horse movie on Netflix and suddenly, he or she wants riding lessons and eventually to own a horse.

Let’s Talk Music

At some point your son or daughter may decide to play the piano or another musical instrument in the elementary or middle school band. SoCal Pianos, a great choice for piano sales and piano rentals, knows music is a wonderful experience that can last for a lifetime, but it means parents have a decision to make: Should they buy or rent a musical instrument for a young person who may or may not pursue music seriously? The scenario of having the student lose interest a short time later causes many parents to choose renting over buying. But even in the short-term renting a band instrument is often not the best option and is never the right decision if the student does decide to keep playing for several years.

Know What’s in the Rental Agreement

The decision to rent is often attractive because parents have to spend less money upfront, but many rental agreements come with some things you need to know. The typical musical instrument rental is a “rent to own” contract. But here is what happens with too many of those contracts: By the time you own the instrument years later you have paid much more in rental fees than it would have cost to buy the brand-new instrument in the first place. However, we understand many families don’t have the financial resources to buy, and for them renting can be the right decision. Additionally, many times the rental agreement covers the cost of minor repairs.

A Piano for Every Choice

SoCal Pianos is ready to help you decide which choice is best for you and your aspiring young musician. When you come into our Ontario & Palm Desert, CA stores (appointment only at both locations) you will find a wide selection of pianos for sale and piano rentals. The expert staff will explain the advantages and disadvantages of each choice so you can make the right decision for any young musician in your house. Be sure to like and follow us on Facebook and Twitter to learn more.