Top Mistakes People Make When Buying a Piano

There are many things to consider when deciding if buying a piano is worth it. The first major consideration is price, of course. Owning a piano can go up into six figures or can cost as low as $20,000. The total upfront cost will be impacted by the brand you choose, whether you want an upright model or if your heart is set on a grand piano. Then there’s digital versus acoustic. These intricate details can make all the difference in the piano you choose. With so many facets to this decision, it’s no wonder mistakes are made in the process. That why renting a piano may be the better decision by a long haul.

Is Buying a Piano Worth It?

The number one mistake people make when purchasing a piano is they decide to buy before they’ve fully considered whether they or their loved one really want to play. Some people love the idea of playing the piano. They see a scene in a movie involving a piano or pianist and romanticize what it would be like to play and have a piano in their home. 

People forget to do their research. As we said, there are digital and acoustic pianos, grands and verticals. Should you buy a new or a used one? Make sure you get the answers to all your questions before you plan to make such a large purchase.

Some prospective pianists dismiss the idea they may need lessons. In addition, they don’t consider that practice will be required. If you’re an adult learner, there may be time constraints. If you’re the parent of a new pianist, be prepared for the learning curve of missed and wrong notes while your child is on the way to becoming a trained musician. 

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